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Who are we?

The Institute for Nurturing Indian Intellect (under the umbrella of “Sanatan Dharam Shuddhi Nyas” abbreviated as INII is a non-profit public policy organization founded by Abhijeet Singh & the group of intellectuals in the City of Prayagraj, U.P on 09th Feb, 2019 during Prayagraj Kumbh. INII’s aim is to do rigorous study and research work to create Intellectual worriers, who can set narratives against ideologies creating problems before our country, religion and humanity. Swami Jitendranand Ji Maharaj is chief patron of INII.

Why do we need INII?

In our country, so called intellectuals fueled by expansionist forces, set the false narratives and destroyed the image of our country and Hindu religion all over the world. By wearing a veil of intellectualism, these people mislead our youths which ultimately resulted into disintegration of society. Arts, sports, literature, politics, media etc. the number of such alleged intellectuals active in the country will be barely 150-200. So need for INII is that we can prepare youths in country who are able to set counter narrative against their false narratives. The day we too set up at least 200 intellectual warriors, the situation will change completely.  

Resolutions passed by INII

 1) Need for a large library, reading room & Training Centre for comparative study of Religions  

2) Global Hero of Hindu pride: Sir V.S Naipaul  

3) Erase all signs of slavery  

4) Annual pilgrimage and public awareness campaign for revival of Hindu pride Places 

5) To increase the study habits of Hindus on the art of "comparative study of religions   


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